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  1. My favorite things about my house are, in no particular order:

    1) Our long, shady driveway and open-air carport. It’s perfect for entertaining out of the sun, guests don’t have to walk through our house to get the back (also perfect for neighborhood kids coming over to play). The long driveway means plenty of room for riding bikes and it’s shady, vital in south Louisiana.

    2) Our living room is not totally open to our living room. I find larger open concept houses to be far too loud for my tastes. Our dining area is just off our kitchen and has a very wide doorway to the living room, so it’s definitely accessible and feels roomy, but if someone is washing dishes, the people watching TV don’t have to blare the volume over the water and we never have to hide dirty dishes in the sink so they aren’t visible from the living room.

    3) Separate primary closets. My husband, frankly, is a hoarder and a slob. I’m so glad I can keep my closet as neat and streamlined as I’d like without having to deal with his crap.

    4) A large primary bedroom. There is room for a seating nook to curl up to read and be away from everyone else.

    5) That my house is all one-level and isn’t huge. There are very few places to hide. I know when the kids are older, this will force them to be with us more.