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  1. Love this! We’re doing a kitchen reno and looking to add a shelf in front of the window. My question is “how do you clean the window? Is there enough space between shelf and window to remove the window for cleaning?”

    1. Hi Donna – I clean what I can reach with the shelf in place. I don’t remove the window to clean it.

  2. I am ABSOLUTELY THRILLED to find your tutorial!! This is the exact vision I’ve had in my head since moving into my home. Thank you!! I’m so excited to give it a go!! (as made obvious by my million exclamation points that I typically never use, ha). One question — how much weight do you suppose this shelf/support can hold?

    1. I don’t have an official weight estimate for you but mine is full of small plants at all times and holds up just fine! I wouldn’t put anything huge in the middle, but I’ve put larger, heavier plants towards the side. It can hold quite a bit!

  3. I love this!!! What a smart idea!! You are so creative!!! I know those plants will thrive on that shelf!