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  1. Stetson Scott says:

    On your how to paint laminate cabinets post my wife fell in love with the color and we bought our first house and are having a baby in april and we are remodeling a bit and she wants our bathroom vanity that color coukd you tell me the name of the color?

  2. Robert Gimza says:

    We had a house built about two years ago. All of the indoor trim pieces were painted white and remain tacky to this day. I believe the paint was not allowed to dry properly between coats. One problem area we have is with our drop-zone cubby. My wife put some knick-knaks on it and when we removed them, it also removed some paint. Given this is probably veneered MDF, how do I repair the created divot? Can I lightly sand or should I use wood filler?

    1. You can start by lightly sanding and painting, and if that doesn’t work you can try wood filler!

  3. I can’t wait to try this paint on my hideous bathroom vanities. Do you think it will cover the “oak” veneer strips or should they be removed.

    1. It did well on them when I used this same method in my garage, so it should be fine!

  4. The hardware made such a big difference! I couldn’t visualize the paint color you used looking good when you showed the swatches but I love this and may have to consider it in my kitchen!