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  1. The Ikea Hemnes furniture isn’t laminated though, it’s solid wood.

  2. May I share on our Facebook/IG page with credit and links to you of course? We love to show our shoppers who buy laminate furniture at our sales how to redo them properly!

  3. Hi,
    Was the paint you used water based or oil based? If it was water based, was it funny with the old based primer?


  4. Amy Rouff says:

    I have a bureau, night stand and a tall bureau and they are made out of compressed plastic and laminate. I think the furniture was popular in the 60’s maybe. I like the size of the draws but the color is a horrible yellowish cream with gold handles.
    Please help me with any ideas to transform these bureaus.
    Thank You

  5. how long after you painted the second coat of paint did you start applying the sealer?

    1. Depends on your paint! It should say on the back of the can how long you should wait.

  6. Just checking to see how the paint held up over time.

  7. Do you mind sending me a link to the exact primer you used? I am seeing a few and want to pick the right one. Thanks!

  8. Hi there,
    I’m looking to paint the malm dresser, I’m looking at following your advice but using a roller. I really wanted this dresser to have a really glossy finish. Do you know how I could go about this?


  9. Hi! I have the Ikea Lack coffee table, the dark brown one (https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/lack-coffee-table-black-brown-40104294/), which got some “love” over the years from my children and now it’s all scratched up. How would you suggest I go about to giving it new life? I’ve never done any upcycling project before so I’m looking for some idea which doesn’t need fancy tools or a lot of experience. I hope you can help me 🙂

  10. Merlynn H Wierzbicki says:

    Funny I just bought this White stained dresser from Ikea yesterday. We saw it in a model home & took a picture of it, because we loved it so much. Good to know that I can paint it with no problems.

  11. This Ikea Hemnes dresser isn’t laminated. It’s made of solid pine and covered with white stain and clear acrylic lacquer. You could have just sanded and painted it.

    1. There are two different white HEMNES dressers. The “White stain” version of the Hemnes is made with solid pine and stained. However, this is the “white” version, which is made with ABS plastic.