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  1. Great post, although if you’ve “lucked out” it means out of luck. So I was a little confused there at the start…

  2. How did you not become engorged or have a dip in your supply from not nursing during the night hours?

    1. Your body adjust pretty quickly to changes in routine and responds well to the baby’s needs. So, as he slowly began to sleep through the night, my body adjusted and began to be prepared to nurse when he needed it. There may be a slight adjustment period, but your body should respond pretty fast!

  3. These are great tips, can’t wait to try them out with my little one after she’s born! Thanks! 🙂

  4. I started with a routine at 2weeks old and now at 2 months old he sleeps thru the night from 7pm – 6am, I’m happy cause he sleeps & I get rested as well. Now we have to tackle the day naps, they are too short. But will get there.

    1. That’s awesome! Great job, mama! 🙂

  5. hey I have a 4.5 month old that has had reflux problems since the beginning and she was sleeping thru the night in her swing (it seems worse if she’s laying flat on her back) she goes down at 11pm and sleeps usually till 7:30 and only has one 3 hour nap durring the afternoon but lately she’s up more and I’m wondering what drops you are using I have tried oval but I don’t find it terribly amazing and do you give them to him automatically just routine?
    Thanks so much

    1. Jackson was on a Zantac prescription from the time he was about a month old until he was 7 or 8 months. It worked really well! We also used some of these gas drops when we needed them, too.

  6. Pretty much same story.. slept through the night from 6 weeks. I had to stop breastfeeding due to lack of supply and she’s been an even better sleeper on formula. She started waking up at 4 am though and that’s when I realised she could do with one less sleep during the day. 4 month regression is usually partnered with nap transition so 3 instead of 4 naps and no naps after 5 works for us. She is now 5 months old and although things are going well she still needs our help falling asleep, therefore we will be starting sleep training soon.

  7. My son has never slept through the night and he is also 4 months. He wakes up during the night 4 to 6 times acting like he is starving, and he eats about 5 ounces each time. He also eats a lot during the day so I don’t know why he is so hungry at night. I have been told to put some rice cereal in his milk, but when I do that he wakes up more during the night. I have tried music, different kinds of sound machines, I’m so desperate I tried co sleeping and that doesn’t even help. Any advice? I’m at a loss!

    1. Hmmm, the only thing I can think to suggest is to try to cluster feed before putting him down each night – it really helped us to feed a couple of times in a row. We also worked really hard to make sure he was eating every 3 hours like clockwork during the day to help train his body to be able to go a longer stretch at night. Other than that, as frustrating as it is he might just not be a great sleeper. Some kids take longer than others to sleep through the night! I wish I had better advice! 🙁

  8. I ran out of room hehe

    Couple of things that have helped with all 3 of mine:

    1. Routine routine routine (I love yours!)

    2. Give them a minute to settle themselves. They’re smart and they learn quick that if I scream loud and long enough someone will come. Not saying to be unreasonable with this one, but learning to self soothe helps a lot (with naps too).

    3. Turn your monitor off if you’ve literally done EVERYTHING and you know they’re fed and dry and have a paci and let them just have a minute. (Sort of piggybacks on 2.) Sometimes after I’ve tried everything and nothing works but I put her down and come back in a little while (without listening to the screaming for 30 mins), I’m calmer and she calms right down. Sort of a deep breath for us both — mine also gets tired of being messed with and held sometimes and wants to be left alone.

    4. Never leave the room. Once we go in for bed, we stay in the room. I make bottles and take them in with me before I mess with her. We rock, we bounce, we change diapers but we never leave. I don’t want her to ever think if you scream enough, I’ll let you get back up.

    5. Soon (maybe 6 months) load his bed with pacis so he can reach one without opening his eyes. Life.changing.

    Hmm…can’t think of anything else I do but you’re welcome to ask any new mom questions if you have them. Sometimes it helps to just vent. But the sleeping will settle, just keep your routine and the trips in the middle of the night to a min (just put paci back in and try not to change or feed as much as you can) and he’ll get through this phase before you know it. Then he’ll be sitting up and you’ll wanna swaddle him again so he can’t ;))

    1. Great tips! I love the one about not leaving the room – it can get exhausting sometimes, but it’s best if they don’t “get out” of having to take a nap or go to sleep!

  9. I also have a little bambino (mine just turned 3 months last week) and she rocks out some sleep too.

    Unlike you, I don’t breastfed, but you’re right on with them doing best full going into the night. Our routine for her is that I put her big sisters to bed first then bathe her (her favorite part of the day and our little quality time), snuggled in jams and I wrap her from the waist down (arms out), then she finishes what she wants of that last bottle (sometimes she eats it all, sometimes just another ounce or so).

    And my confession…I have a projectile vomiter (no reflux, no gas, super happy baby, but she’ll soak the room)…it’s better but still happens a couple of times a week. For that reason, I have a belly sleeper… *stop beating me with a stick* haha

    But I just lay her down in her belly with lullaby music playing louder than you’d think would be soothing and she does have a night light.

    Oh, and she refuses a paci at.all.costs. (Her sisters all took one so this is new for me and I haven’t given up!)

    Right now she’s going to bed between 8-8:30 and waking up between 8-8:30…she’s even make it until almost 10 a couple times but I think those were growth spurts.

    1. Wow – you do have a good sleeper! Sounds like you’ve got a solid routine! And I understand the belly sleeping thing – Jackson isn’t a tummy sleeper but he needs a lovey at naps, so I break the rules too (and, of course, I have to check on him about every 10 minutes to makes sure he’s okay, haha)

    2. Ok ladies help! Mine is just over 5 weeks old we have had no luck getting her to sleep 1. Longer than 2.5 hours 2. Solo. She only wants to be held or snuggled.. I tried a rock and play which lasted 2 nights .. I tried a lounger lasted 1. We just got some swaddle sacks.. I am breast feeding and she is currently in a growth spurt I think so that is not helping.. but I can’t seem to get in to a routine if she is not sleeping alone.. suggestions??

      1. Hi! At 5 weeks old things are going to be really sporadic – that’s totally normal. In the next few weeks, you should be able to start finding a routine!