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  1. Hi, what color are you painting the kitchen cabinets? Good luck with everything!

  2. Maryanne W. says:

    Your post hit a chord with me because we are in the process of considering downsizing. One question for you that stresses me out……how are you dealing with the timing of selling one house and buying another? If we move, I would like to find a house to buy, and then put our house on the market. Otherwise, if we sell our house first, we would have to go through a period of time living with relatives…..which I refuse to do! In our market (Massachusetts), it is a strong sellers market, so we could not bid on a house and include a contingency for the sale of our house because we would always get passed over for other buyers. Thoughts? Will a lender give a mortgage before the current house is sold??

    1. Have you chatted with a realtor at all? They should be able to help you a lot with some of these questions because a lot of it will depend on your market. In our area, it’s pretty common to have a leaseback period of a couple of days (where you continue to reside in the house after closing) to allow for moving time. And, contingencies for house sales are extremely common here (even in a seller’s market) – have you confirmed with a realtor that this would disqualify you from a lot of homes? I’m of the belief that it never hurts to try – we’ve been turned down from many offers over the years, and it always stings a little but you never know when one will be accepted!

      Generally speaking, as far as the lender, if you’ll be using the proceeds from your house sale to purchase the new house (which is what we’ve done both times), the lender will just include that as a requirement for the loan – so they’ll pre-approve you with the contingency that you sell your house.

      My biggest recommendation to you would be to seek out a local realtor who can get some of your initial questions answered, and can point you in the direction of a few lenders you can chat with! We stay in regular contact with both lenders and realtors when we know a move is on the horizon, because they’re always happy to help even if the move isn’t happening immediately!

      1. Maryanne W. says:

        Thanks so much for your detailed response! We do know a local realtor and have a lender we have used in the past. So I guess I should reach out soon. 🙂 Good luck in your house hunting!