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  1. Thanks for telling me to fix all the ugly parts of the house that might potentially scare off buyers. I’m thinking of selling my house after finding a good apartment I can move to but I think that the foundation needs some repair. I’ll try to have it fixed first before posting the property in any online listing.

  2. Delong Family says:

    I would suggest, before displaying your house to potential buyers, get it cleaned from a professional cleaning company. Those cleaners are thoroughly trained and screened to provide you with a safe and trustworthy experience every time. Sometimes, cleanliness does the job for you. Well most of the times it does!

  3. Very helpful suggestion! Thanks a ton for sharing these impeccable and innovative ideas with us. here are some ideas that will practical and necessary for the real state people. Thank you for sharing.

  4. There really is a lot that you can do before putting your home listing up and I really like a lot of suggestions that the article makes. It is particularly great that you bring up the idea of decluttering the home. After all, before you let anyone in to see it you want to depersonalize it, so this is a great time to throw out any junk you do not need anymore.

  5. Julius Amberfield says:

    It sure got my attention when you talked about fixing the places in the house that appear to be taste-specific before putting it for sale because that can affect the decision of the potential buyer of the house. I am not sure if we have a place like that in our home, but I will definitely take note of that because not everyone will appreciate pony wallpapers in their bedrooms. I will talk to my parents about this because we’re planning to sell the house soon. Thank you for the tips!

  6. These are really useful tips. We’ll be sharing with our garage door clients to help them get a jump on the season!

  7. I can see how it can be stressful when someone is in your home evaluating and judging it. That’s something I’m a little worried about since my husband and I want to sell our home. However, we’ve both heard that working with the right kind of real estate agent can make a big difference.

  8. I love that you recommend seriously decluttering a home before you list it for sale. After all, nobody likes to see a dirty home and decluttering it could make it a bit less personal for someone looking to buy it. Not to mention that, if you do leave your stuff out and all over the home, you might give a potential buyer the wrong impression about how much storage space your home has.