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  1. Larry Charles says:

    Yes the table saw is not for beginners, it can do a lot of damage even for experience woodworkers.its number 1 accident for cut off fingers.looking to buy a saw stop table saw,look it up on you tube.a Dr invented it.the blade will give you a scratch if you hit the blade with you finger its expensive but not as much as a finger would cost.i know for a fact.

  2. Larry Charles says:

    Be carefully using the table saw.i cut off my index finger day befor thanksgiving. They sew it back on,8months recovery to a year.3times wk for physical therapy. Be careful using a push stick thats what cause the accident .

  3. Jigsaws are such an awesome tool to have. Even if you think you don’t need one, trust me, when you do need it you will be SO happy you have it! Great article here thanks for sharing, Cheers!

  4. DURE HASSAN says:

    I want to purchase these 8 power tools please guide me