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  1. Hi, i was browsing for ideas on dark pewter island for my new house Kitchen and found your post..Amazing choice with the Island color change and lov how you’ve done your space so so beautifully well! I had a question – could you pls let me know what your flooring color is? Im having a color dilema choosing this kind of color hardwood flooring- Mirage Destin and a Pewter blackish island with white upper cabinets and same kind of hardware. Since my builder doesnt a model home to show us, im searching for your kind of floor and kitchen to choose from as my choices are very limited to Mirage Destin that looks a little like your flooring and a very dark colordark brown gray floorboard. Pls let me know your flooring name and if your kitchen is east facing as mine is. Thank you in advance!
    Lovv your kitchen and hoping i can finalize with mine!

    1. Hi! Our flooring is LVP from Shaw, and I believe the color was called Heritage Oak – it’s since been discontinued.

  2. You’re right, it flows with the space much better now that you have other projects completed. One of my favorite things about you is that you’re not afraid to “Pivot!”, and you own it, too!

  3. I love it!

    The old blue was fun, but I definitely know what you were talking about when you said it stuck it. It was BOLD, and this new color seems so much more complimentary to the entire space.