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  1. It looks so great! I think if you use cement board instead of plywood it would take care of the problem with water (if you don’t have a covered patio)

    I also love your chairs! Could you tell me where you got them from?

  2. Do you think you could weatherproof it? I was thinking of doing a feather finish on wood as a patio table, but it would inevitably get rained on because we’re not under cover. :-/ I was hoping you might know of some tips and tricks to seal it from water and help make it last. I heard maybe marine sealant??

    1. It’s definitely worth a shot – it’s an affordable product so if it were me, I’d definitely try!

  3. I started researching wood and cement combinations not long ago. Seemed like the trick is having a water tight barrier between the cement and wood for a long lasting piece. I saw recommendations for using plastic sheets (but maybe sealer works?) to keep them separated.
    My understanding is without this, cement catches water, and wood wicks it from cement. So the wood may rot fast as it’s hard for it to dry.
    Maybe marine grade plywood would work too…🤔🤷‍♂️
    You’d know better than me if this true by now, but it definitely makes cement and wood combos appear slightly more complicated.

  4. K. Andrei says:

    Very nice. Love it!!!

    1. How does this hold up outside? Do you have to cover it in the rain?

      1. We had it under a covered patio – but once it started getting hit by sprinklers, it didn’t hold up very well. I’d recommend only doing this under a cover where it can stay dry!

          1. Yes, the key is I recommend keeping it away from sprinklers/rain!

  5. Aria Broxton says:

    Hello – can you publish a cut list please? Your post is missing some info as I try to figure out which cuts to make. I also notice a couple of discrepancies – e.g., is it 1/2 inch plywood or 1/4? You have both listed. I also could not understand now the 2×2 is used for the frame because I didn’t see a photo of how it should look. Any additional info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

  6. Wow, looked at it and thought: “This looks awesome but would be to heavy to move in our small garden”. And then as I scrolled through the tutorial I realised it was a concrete effect, lol 🙂 I may give it a try. It looks pretty simple to make. Thanks for the idea Amanda!

  7. Mary Jo Bibby says:

    I’m wondering why you used such a small trowel. We’re you going for a rough texture? Very interesting project. Cool result!

  8. Hello, Amanda
    Thanks for your sharing cool project, I wan to include this in our next DIY list.