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  1. Love the stain color. Flagstone from what brand Rustoleum or Varathane? We already struck out with our first two stain choices – ahh! Thanks so much

  2. Cheryl Babineau says:

    Hi guys just found your tutorial on this couch
    Absolutely love it. Very sturdy looking and the cushions you chose are perfect
    I may try building one …….just wish the price of lumber would come down
    Thanks for posting and wishing you a fabulous day
    Cheryl B

  3. Deb Lange says:

    I love this couch, fabulous job!!! I’ve been researching diy outdoor couches fo over a year, this one is my favorite by far. Could you tell me what each of the cuts are used for on your cut list, i.e. arms, back, seat, etc. I am going to use your plan but need to modify a bit for my space. Thanks so much for posting your work.

    1. Hi Deb! If you read the tutorial, each step tells you which cut size you should be using, so it should be clear as you work!

  4. Lilly Thomas says:

    Wow!! It is gorgeous. It truly looks so great. Way to go guys!!

  5. That looks awesome! And that joinery system might need to be one of my next tool purchases. Thanks for sharing 🙂