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  1. Do you have a link for how you installed the cedar plank ceiling? It’s beautiful!

  2. What happened when u.painted the tile floor? It looks like u started using a stencil and then in ur reveal photo it’s just checkered.
    Also, how r the floors, and tub holding up? I have a vanity i just sanded down, and needhelp with colors. The counter is beige and the tiles r small 8×8 beige as well very simple. White primer is on now and its looking 2 white. no white. Any suggestions? Thank u so much for all of this info above

    1. Hi Ana! I did start to use a stencil but our floors were textured and the stencil just wasn’t working for me – so I switched to taping off! It all held up really, really beautifully!

  3. Dominique R Jefferson says:

    Could you tell me how the Rust-Oleum tub and tile has held up? I have been wanting to do it in our mobile home tubs. Could you tell me if the Rust-Oleum would work on fiberglass tubs and surrounds?

  4. This looks amazing. I clicked on the link for Painting the Tile and it doesn’t work. I tried looking for it elsewhere and cannot find it. Would you be able to give me the link? Thank you.

  5. I didn’t think you can apply paint this way. Even without a big budget, I can still renovate my bathroom and make it look much better. Thanks for sharing this blog. This really helps us a lot.