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  1. Hi! I was looking to see if maybe you could give me some input on a (easier?) idea I had…what if I used a (good quality) store bought chalkboard and attached and sealed a backer board to weatherproof the back…? And then used outdoor paint on the frame.

    1. Monica Griggs says:

      is the chalk board itself waterproof? is there ways to make it if it isn’t?

      1. Hi! You can use concrete board instead of plywood if you want to ensure that it’s waterproof!

  2. I love this! I feel like this is a project I could actually do. I’m confused why there are only three 8 ft 1x4s. There are four sides for the frame. Am I missing something? Did you cut one in half and then use to the mitre saw for the edges? Obviously this shows that I’ve barely used tools and am new to this lol thanks!

  3. Do you have trouble with bugs making nests behind? We have a large yellow jacket population in the spring and they will build anywhere there is a space.

    1. No, we never had an issue with this! We do have quarterly pest control services, though, so that always helps.

    1. It held up beautifully – no issues! It is partially shaded from the trees, so that helps, but it stayed looking like new for years (and then we moved)

  4. What chalk is best for the kids to use that is easy for them to clean off without it having the white dust lines all over it?

  5. Brian Olmstead says:

    Not a comment but a question…..

    How did you prep the blackboard before first use? Some commercially available blackboards say to chalk over the whole surface (and erase) before 1st use.


  6. Jerry and I had always wanted to build our own shed, even though we had never done anything like it before. We actually got around to doing it after we moved into our new house. Our friends couldn’t believe we’d actually done it all ourselves, and I must say, I’m really proud of it https://bit.ly/2NFlzDw

  7. Really cool and simple summer project. Would definitely be taking a shot at this if we had a backyard.

  8. Great project! Like one of your commenters said. Perfect for outdoor family games too. I’m thinking as a scoreboard for some family whiffle ball.

  9. Oh my gosh! This is so fun! It’s just me and my husband and we would have a blast with something like this 🙂 Visiting from Merry Monday. Pinning!

    1. Thanks, Angie! It really is fun to have!

  10. Love this idea for my family even though my youngest is in 3rd grade. I have an oversized deck and am thinking of hanging this on my brick wall for family games such as Pictionary, hangman, etc… Super cute and fun idea for hosting a get together….

    1. That’s an awesome idea, Candee!

  11. This is such a fun idea and I totally want to try it!!!! Wondering how it’s held up in the rain?

    1. So far, so good! We’ve had some pretty incredible amounts of rain over the last month or so and it’s still as good as new!

    1. Thanks, Clarissa! We’re loving it so far, too!