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  1. Lisa Chandler says:

    I love the picture ledges. At what heights did you hang the actual ledges? And what was the space between them? Thank you!

    1. Not all of the images are mine, as noted in the post. Just click the source link below the image you’re curious about and you should be able to find answers on that site!

  2. Thanks for the tip that grouping photos together can help have some coherence when displaying family photos. I’m considering to browse through family wall art for sale in order to fill one of the empty walls on my living room. hanging some family photos along side the art would probably make for a nice collage-like design.

  3. Hi! I love all of this, but I’m especially curious about the “his law is love and his gospel is peace” frame on the shelves. Where did you get that beautiful piece? 🙂