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  1. I am looking forward to a day when a client would ask for a “whimsical” approach to renovating a staircase. So far, all my work has been rather classic. Thank you for posting these, I will be sure to show this article to my clients to gauge their attitude to something more fun than a regular staircase.

    1. There are so many fun things you can do with stairs!

  2. I tore up almost all the carpeting in our house, except for one bedroom downstairs, one bedroom upstairs, the bathroom upstairs, and the kitchen. I wanted to see what the wood floors looked like underneath. My husband wasn’t thrilled. That’s why the two bedrooms didn’t get stripped. I could tell that the linoleum is in very bad shape under the carpet in the upstairs’ bathroom and the kitchen. Part of the bathroom downstairs is half of the kitchen carpet. The previous owners added the downstairs bathroom on and renovated the dining room into a bedroom with a laundry room because they were old and couldn’t use the stairs. At one time, the gentleman had to go by ambulance and the squad had a difficult time getting him down the stairs. I prefer to have tile or linoleum in the bathrooms and kitchen. I don’t know what the downstairs bathroom was before. The door has a window in it covered with a curtain. I need to keep it closed because when we eat at the table you look right into the bathroom and it doesn’t smell nice after someone uses it. The wood on the floors is in so so condition. Except one small bedroom upstairs and the stairs. I believe with some trim that both would look good. The stairs are all wood which is in very good condition. I like the natural wood look. I beleive with a good cleaning that they would be fine along with some quarter round trim under the risers, stained to match the stairs that would be all that would be needed. I have looked into making canvas coverings for the living room and entryway. Some of the boards have been removed and replaced with plywood. I thought of covering the living room with hardwood flooring in the opposite direction of the existing hardwood. In front of the “ornamental” fireplace where there is plywood lay a mosaic of tile to match the green splotched tile on the fireplace. The fireplace was painted white and I stripped the white paint down to the natural wood. I’d like to lay plywood down in the entryway which includes my husband’s small office and leads by the stairs into the kitchen. I would paint it and put on several layers of polyurethane. I doubt that he would let me. I didn’t realize that he does a poor job of maintaining a house. My husband has scrapped the hardwood where his “office” is because of his weight. We don’t have a coat closet when you enter through the front door. I have a 33″ X 31″ of a corner to the right as you enter the house. I think that I’ll put in a coat hanger with a shelf there. I wish that 10′ X 10′ space where my husband’s office is is cleared. It would make a space for a small coat closet. At one time pillars were up as you entered the living room past the small 33″ X 31″ corner to the right as you enter the house. They’re in the basement, but when they were removed they sawed them crocked. I could make a coat rack out of one of the pillars. Between the living room and the down stairs bedroom (dining room) are pocket doors!
    Before I can work on my projects, I’m in the process of decluttering my useless items. My husband believes he doesn’t have to. I working on minimalizing and being frugal. I’m re-organising items. My husband does what he wants without any consideration of “rules”. I aquired a rare, progressive, degeneratve, and incurable disease called Stiff Person Syndrome with parkinsonism. Clutter causes stress and stress agravates SPS. So far, I can do most activities, just slower, but I can’t if I don’t have the support of my husband. I’ll just have to see if he will folllow the “rules” of being clutter free. I want to move into a smaller house, but he doesn’t. A smaller house would be easier for me to maintain and I could have controll of my enviroment. Sorry I have rambled on at how I would renovate this house when it started with renovating poor stairs.

    1. Carpet in the kitchen?! Oh my, that sounds interesting! You sound like me – I love to rip carpet up without checking with my husband. 😉 Jealous of your wood stairs – I wish ours were in good condition!!