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  1. Julie Allen says:

    May I add my two cents? Don’t rule out the chair idea- give the chair a fun make-over and put either a floor lamp or small table with a lamp next to it. Add some art (like a gallery wall above the chair) No shelves in that case bc it would have to be too high above the chair for head clearance to look good. I love the idea of having a chair in my bedroom even if we don’t use it all the time.

    Another option here- don’t you need the mirror in your room? I mean, is it not super functional? I would move the chair and place the mirror at an angle. It’s tall and would fill that space well. Then put shelves or a gallery wall on the bare wall where the mirror was. It will keep the space and feel of your room open. If you do the chair option and need the mirror there, I would do just the mirror option bc they are competing for space. The mirror is big enough to be considered “furniture”. So, a tall plant would look nice next to the mirror. I’m all about adding greenery to a room.

    1. Those are all great tips, Julie. Thanks! I think we’re leaning towards chairs + keeping the mirror, but we’ll see!

      1. I like the mirror on one side and the shelves on the other side. The mirror will also reflect the items on the display shelf making the corner look spacious and large. Thanks

  2. I have an awkward corner that I filled with a cute bookshelf. It was the perfect size and had some height. Just above the shelf I hung a paining that I made. I get tired of things easily so I sometimes swap the painting for a cute mirror or framed print.

    1. That’s great! I love any decorating option that can be swapped out easily! 🙂