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  1. I can’t say this enough: PETUNIAS! They are so easy to care for, love the sun, and they grow really easily. They are great container plants because once they start growing they will droop over the side and just be really lovely. I always put them in our flower pots at work, and I put them in my hanging baskets at home this year. They require minimal maintenance – just dead heading. They are easily my favorite flower to put out.

    I’m also using Creeping Jenny in all my pots this year – I’ve had to direct it which was to grow, but I can tell that it is really going to look great once my hanging baskets get established. What’s super funny is that we looked at the same pin from 3 Little Greenwoods! I bought the Creeping Jenny first, and then I started looking around for how large it got, etc.

    One other thing that I absolutely love to plant is Morning Glories – they are one of my very favorite things in the whole world. I can’t recommend them enough – You just have to have something for them to grow on – even just strings from the ground up the roof of your porch, etc. We have an old well house that has chain link , and once the vine grows enough to hit the links, it TAKES off. Mine are deep purple and a dark pink, but they come in light blue and all kinds of other colors.

  2. I can’t say this word enough: PETUNIAS. They are so freaking easy to care for, they love the sun, and