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  1. Clearly you are sponsored by Behr paints. I’m familiar with other paint companies, but if I had a blog NOT BEING PAID TO PROMOTE ONE BRAND, I’d have so many options and examples. Perhaps you should straight out say at the beginning you’re only giving proper examples of one brand. 👎🏻

    1. Nope, not sponsored by Behr in any way. I’ve worked with them before but am not being paid to share them here. They’re simply my favorite and the one I have the most examples of in my own home.

  2. What finish of paint did you use on the ink black paint?

  3. Claire Imbrunnone says:

    What color is in the initial bedroom picture with the gold mirror and oriental rug?

      1. I love the Ink Black room too. What bed frame do you have in that room?

  4. I missed seeing this on your stories last week! I’m LOVING dark paint colors lately too! And dark teal is kind of my jam right now.
    I painted a wide strip of Behr Winter Way in my bedroom it’s an almost black Teal that is absolutely gorgeous.
    I have Behr Midnight in The Tropics in my entry way, such a beautiful dark blue/green. And then last I have Behr City Rain in my hall bathroom, it’s more green than the rest but still dark and moody. All of the dark colors somehow make things feel so fancy.

    Now I’m on the lookout for the perfect dark purple… any suggestions??? 🙂