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  1. Hey if anyone is asking for the colour what is used here is a mix of paints she already had. But! My husband and I believe we have found the closest colour match. We got semi gloss
    Brand: Dulux
    Colour Moorland W A251 S20A3

  2. Hi,
    I’m about to renovate our Hemnes drawers, I love the handles on yours. I’ve found cup handles. Can you tell me what diameter coordinating knobs you used please? Your look works perfectly! Thanks so much,

  3. Hey! I would love to know the color you chose it’s beautiful!

  4. Love the paint color, what is it?

  5. Your renovated Hemnes dresser is just beautiful!! Really like the length of the shortened legs a lot and want to do the same to ours which is being assembled this week. What length are they? About one inch tall? They look very classic at that height! 🙂

  6. Hi! Love the colored you used on the dresser, would you mind sharing what color it is? 😀 I’m attempting an ikea project myself!