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  1. Yes, your kitchen in 2017 doesn’t look a thing like it did when you moved in. It’s so modern, I love all the changes you have been able to make over the years. Stopping by from the #HomeMattersParty linky.

  2. What goes on in builders’ heads? Your kitchen cried out for an island. The not very big kitchen in our home had an island that was too tiny to be of use but just big enough to create a traffic hazard. Fortunately, we had already planned to gut that room right down to the cement subfloor and the unprimed drywall. Don’t ask me about that floral wallpaper. It still haunts my dreams to this day.

    1. I totally agree – the island was vital!!

  3. What an absolutely fabulous transformation! Y’all made it a workable space every year! It is so homey and vintagy but still modern and what an upgrade!

    1. Thanks so much, Sara!

  4. The evolution throughout the years is really impressive, I loved seeing the photos!

  5. How about that gorgeous wooden bowl on your island—where is it from?

    1. I snagged that from the Round Top Antique Festival earlier this year!